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MLSCN Accredited Universities that Offer Medical Laboratory Science in Nigeria

Role of MLSCN Accreditation

Accreditation by the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN) ensures that Medical Laboratory Science educational programs meet rigorous standards, equipping graduates with recognized qualifications essential for professional practice in Nigeria and beyond.

The MLSCN has approved 48 universities for Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) training. These institutions include well-known universities such as the University of Lagos, Babcock University, Madonna University, and Nnamdi Azikiwe University, among others. Each university has a specific accreditation status and quotas for MLS training, as detailed by the MLSCN.

Pie chart showing percent of MLSCN accredited universities by accreditation status as of December 17, 2023
Image 1. Pie chart showing percent of MLSCN accredited universities by accreditation status as of December 17, 2023

Read the list of all accredited universities, broken down by geographical region

Spotlight on Notable Universities

In the landscape of Nigerian higher education, certain universities stand out for their exemplary Medical Laboratory Science programs. The University of Lagos, for example, with full accreditation and an approved quota of 75 students, sets a benchmark for excellence. Ebonyi State University in Abakaliki offers one of the largest quotas at 120, indicative of its substantial program capacity. Additionally, institutions like Madonna University in Elele and Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria are recognized for their unique programs or state-of-the-art laboratory facilities that offer students a cutting-edge educational experience. These universities not only fulfill the MLSCN’s stringent accreditation requirements but also provide robust and comprehensive training for future medical laboratory scientists.

Understanding Accreditation and Its Impact on Quality Education

Medical Laboratory Science programs are rigorously evaluated by the MLSCN, with universities striving to achieve either Full Accreditation, Provisional Accreditation, or Approval to Commence status. But what does this mean for students and the quality of education they receive?

Full Accreditation: This status is the gold standard, indicating that a university’s program comprehensively meets MLSCN’s criteria. These criteria encompass the curriculum’s depth and breadth, the faculty’s expertise, and the availability of advanced facilities. This ensures that students receive a well-rounded education, preparing them for the complexities of modern healthcare diagnostics.

Provisional Accreditation: Universities with this status have met most criteria but are required to address certain areas within a specific timeframe. This indicates a commitment to continuous improvement and assures students that they are receiving education that is on its way to meeting the highest standards.

More about Continuous Professional Development in MLS

Approval to Commence: This initial accreditation stage allows universities to start their MLS programs. It signifies that the institution meets basic standards but must undergo further assessments to advance their accreditation status. For students, this represents a program with potential, poised for growth and development.

Image Depicting the MLSCN Accreditation Timeline
Image 2. Image Depicting the MLSCN Accreditation Timeline

Why you should Choose an Accredited University

Choosing an MLSCN-approved university for Medical Laboratory Science ensures a recognized and quality education. Accredited programs meet established standards, providing students with up-to-date scientific knowledge and practical skills that are essential for employment and professional registration.

Graduates from accredited programs are typically more competitive in the job market and are well-prepared for the challenges in healthcare settings. Accreditation also signifies that the program is regularly reviewed and updated, maintaining high educational standards.

Universities generally have a “Next Accreditation Date.” This reflects the program’s compliance status and the timeline for re-evaluation, ensuring that the university maintains the high standards set by the MLSCN.

Selecting the right institution for your Medical Laboratory Science education is pivotal. It ensures access to quality training, vital for future career success and professional credibility. We encourage prospective students to meticulously consider their choices and visit the MLSCN website for comprehensive information on accredited programs, which will help guide an informed decision towards a promising future in the medical laboratory field.

Full List with Accreditation Status

S/NoNameAccreditation Status
1University of LagosFull
2Babcock University Ilisan-RemoProvisional
3Ladoke Akintola University, OsogboFull
4Madonna university, EleleFull
5Ebonyi State University, AbakalikiFull
6NnamdiAzikiwe University, NnewiFull
7University of Nigeria, Enugu CampusFull
8Imo State University, OwerriFull
9University of Calabar, CalabarFull
10Ambrose Alli University, EkpomaFull
11University of BeninFull
12Niger-Delta UniversityFull
13Usmanu Danfodiyo University, SokotoFull
14University of JosFull
15Rivers State University of Sci and TechnologyFull
16University of MaiduguriFull
17Achievers University, OwoFull
18Igbinedion University, OkadaProvisional
19Bayero University, KanoFull
20Afe Babalola University, Ado-EkitiFull
21Abia State University, UturuFull
22Kwara State University, MaleteProvisional
23Edo University, IyamhoFull
24University of IbabanProvisional
25Enugu State University of Science & TechnologyFull
26Al-Hikmah University, IlorinApproval to commence
27Lead City University, IbadanProvisional
28Pamo University of Medical Sciences, Port HarcourtFull
29University of Medical Sciences, OndoProvisional
30Evangel University, AkaezeApproval to Commence
31Elizade University, Ilara-MokinApproval to Commence
32Adeleke University, EdeProvisional
33Bowen University, IwoApproval to commence
34Ahmadu Bello University, ZariaApproval to commence
35Thomas Adewumi University, OkoApproval to commence
36Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji-ArakejiApproval to commence
37Fountain University, OsogboApproval to commence
38Atiba University, OyoApproval to commence
39Al-Istiqama University, SumailaApproval to commence
40Benson Idahosa University, Benin CityApproval to commence
41Federal University LafiaApproval to commence
42Rhema University, AbaApproval to commence
43Baze University, AbujaApproval to commence
44Gregory University, UturuApproval to commence
45Novena University, Ogume KwaleApproval to commence
46Ajayi Crowther University, OyoApproval to commence
47Osun State University, OsogboApproval to commence
48Trinity University, YabaApproval to commence
Table 2. Table showing full list of MLSCN accredited universities, along with accreditation status, as of December 17, 2023

Further information

For further information and a comprehensive understanding of the Medical Laboratory Science programs accredited in Nigeria, visit the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria’s official website: MLSCN Official Website. This resource offers detailed insights into accredited institutions, program specifics, and other relevant updates.


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